Marketing Smarts for your Business

Case Studies

Here are some examples of our breakthrough work using marketing best practices, as well as
out-of-the-box thinking, to help transform good technology into great business results.
  • Traditionally, the majority of surgeries required large incisions measuring up to 18 inches to access the operative site. Although this approach can be highly effective, it often results in significant trauma, pain and complications, as well as significant costs related to lengthy post-operative convalescent periods for the patient. In an effort to minimize these negative factors, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques and related technologies have been developed.

  • InTouch Health develops, manufactures, and markets acute care remote presence telemedicine solutions for high acuity applications where doctors are required to take immediate clinical action. While InTouch Health was the “category creator” of this market, the challenge was to differentiate the brand beyond being known as the “remote presence robot company.” Unfortunately, market research showed there was a disconnect between the company’s brand aspiration and current brand image within the market. The company chose to partner with Grey Matter Marketing to rebrand the company to solidify its leadership position.

  • Obesity is an epidemic. Now the second-leading cause of death in the US after smoking, it is responsible for 300,000 deaths per year, and the prevalence of obesity has increased 60% in the past decade. Morbid obesity, a condition in which a person weighs at least twice or 100 pounds more than their ideal weight, affects 9 million Americans, who are eligible for weight-loss surgery.

  • NewHope Bariatrics develops and operates ambulatory surgery centers focused on weight-loss surgery. They needed a marketing strategy to generate high quality patient leads and build brand awareness around the new company. While they had a website, it was not optimized for organic visibility in a competitive market space, and they needed tactics that would drive traffic to the site and ultimately convert leads to surgery.

  • After selling off its dental channel to a competitor, BriteSmile turned its focus to its remaining chain of professional teeth whitening spas. This meant selling the same product as its acquiring competitor with a smaller distribution footprint to an audience with increasing price sensitivity. Because BriteSmile was selling the same product as its competitor now selling through dental offices, it also created brand confusion for the consumer. Grey Matter Marketing was put to the test to create a more efficient and effective strategy to position the company and generate teeth whitening business.

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) affects 15 million women. In an effort to avoid surgery at all costs, most women choose to suffer in silence, risking serious consequences in the process. Enter Renessa, a 30-minute, non-surgical treatment developed by Novasys. Despite the effectiveness of the procedure, Novasys lacked wide scale patient awareness among women. As a result, Medical Minds Healthcare Communications, an agency contracted by Novasys, brought in Grey Matter Marketing to create a campaign to generate awareness around Renessa in Florida.