Every one of our clients is different, eliciting unique strategies and solutions. What's consistent is our approach: We’re your consultative partner — producing immediate and measurable results plus long-term value.

Create strategic and integrated plans that minimize financial risk

Focus on generating the best ROI for your business

Benefit from our proven results and metric-driven programs

Invest in the right strategies to drive business performance

Grey Matter Marketing purposefully focuses its activities to a smaller roster of clients and serves as an extension of a client’s teams. This approach is a large part of Grey Matter Marketing’s value equation and unique position among marketing and advertising agencies. While many of these firms try to be everything to everyone, they end up not being able to offer expertise in any one thing. Grey Matter Marketing has chosen innovation-driven medical device companies as its primary focus. And because we limit ourselves to a smaller portfolio of these clients, we can offer a deeper, more intense level of true partnership for a sustained period of time. This is why Grey Matter Marketing has, over the years, earned the respect of professionals throughout the healthcare sector, as well as countless referrals. Grey Matter is passionate about integrated marketing and communications. We achieve success through close relationships with each client, understanding their business and culture, as well as the opportunity and competition. Our style is honest and collaborative, seeing ourselves as part of a team with you to focus on achieving your most critical business objectives.

This is why most of our business comes via word-of-mouth and why Grey Matter Marketing has over the years earned the repect of professionals throughout the healthcare sector.