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Getting old sucks... Now you can dye your hair but you can't dye your heart. Find out why it matters and other breakthroughs from the MedTech world.


Creating an Irreplaceable Company

A brand is not a logo. It is not a corporate identity. It is not a product. A brand is, in essence, the gut feeling about a product, service or company it evokes in a person. It’s a gut feeling because people are emotional, instinctive beings. Read this blog to find out why branding so important in today’s business world.


You’ll never guess the surprising medtech uses for breathalyzers and smartphones. Read What Matters: March—the industry’s best source for breaking medtech news.


The one where we talk about erectile dysfunction and Donald Trump #sorrynotsorry


Hot Topics in Surgery 2017

We are charging headlong into the future, marching towards a new, different world. The election of President Donald Trump will usher in a new era for the U.S. healthcare industry, which has spent years adapting to the Affordable Care Act. Yet, despite the potential policy changes, the painstaking and challenging work of shifting to value-based care will continue. The uncertain future means the healthcare industry needs to adapt to these changes, driving towards value in innovative ways with the aim to deliver the best health outcomes.


2016 literally took years off our lives. 2017 will be better, but only if you have a low deductible. And, could Star Trek-inspired healthcare solve cybersecurity woes? (Spoiler alert: Nope)


2016 marked an unsatisfactory year for the healthcare industry with both patients and providers crying out to make healthcare great again. With a 15-year record high number of medical device recalls, 2000-5000% hikes in some drug prices, doctors spending twice as much time on paperwork than direct patient care, and the Affordable Care Act not being all that affordable, there is no better time for medtech companies to reassess their brand story.

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