Marketing Smarts for your Business


Ambitious start-up? New product? Mature company needing a fresh marketing approach? Grey Matter Marketing has a proven, integrated approach that delivers results for medical device innovators.

The strategies and tactics to drive meaningful change. The blueprint and tools to help our clients help others.

We provide the marketing architecture to build strong connections with providers and patients to drive adoption of innovative technology that improves lives. Organizations turn to us for a variety of marketing services ranging from critical projects to serving as a complete outsourced marketing department. We have a track record of developing both traditional and digital go-to-market and operating plans that maximize impact and results. Our key strength is finding the important truth in your brand story. When we combine sound marketing logic with compelling creative execution and the right media, your customers will truly experience your brand, not passively observe it. We deliver the strategies and tactics to drive awareness and action.

Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Strategic Marketing & Business Development:
Strategic thinking is where smart business begins. We initiate our process with discovery to understand your organization in its entirety so we can determine what … Read More


Branding gives products and services permission to be important in the lives of customers, therefore making them more meaningful to your target audience. The more … Read More

Competitive Analysis & Positioning

Competitive Analysis & Positioning:
What values underpin your company? What does it stand for? What is your competitive advantage? The foundation of a solid marketing strategy is clear, concise, … Read More

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing:
Navigating the maze of social media can leave many wondering if they should pursue it — and how. Before spending valuable human resources and finances, a … Read More

Creative Design & Production

Creative Design & Production:
Design really matters. It’s the language that communicates the values and qualities of a product, service or a brand. The design should captivate, convey and inspire … Read More

Lead Generation

Lead Generation:
Wouldn’t it be great if someone handed you a list of people who were actively interested in talking about or even using your product? With the right marriage of … Read More

Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying:
We provide fully integrated media solutions across all media and platforms. Our dynamic approach to the media planning and buying process entails asking the right … Read More

Content Development

Content Development:
Content marketing has become the great differentiator — a sustainable competitive advantage that enables you to separate yourself, while driving acquisition … Read More

Marketing Research

Marketing Research:
Research should serve as the backbone for a company’s strategic direction, from product development to new market penetration, from customer satisfaction to … Read More

Practice Building

Practice Building:
Your greatest asset to your business is your customer. Our team has an impressive history helping companies capture and cultivate more profitable customers. Our … Read More

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and Advisory Board Development

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and Advisory Board Development:
With a deep network of thought leaders and rising stars across a number of specialty areas, we can help you create an effective strategy to drive market adoption … Read More

Public Relations

Public Relations:
Most of our clients want to be in the limelight. Lucky for them, we have a strong track record in creating and implementing public relation strategies that work. … Read More

Tracking & Analysis

Tracking & Analysis:
In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical to garner maximum return on investment (ROI) for your marketing and advertising dollars. Our on-target philosophy … Read More