Marketing Smarts for your Business

The Why

We’re proud our business has grown via word of mouth. It says we’re delivering. With many options for companies to allocate their budget, we’re honored they believe we’re a smart investment.

The Grey Matter Marketing Experience

  • Healthcare Focus: We know the requirements of this complex, dynamic industry and audiences, so we execute marketing programs that communicate at the level, and in the language, of healthcare professionals, patients and investors.
  • Our Team: We’re award-winning marketing veterans that can relate to your challenges, understand your budgets, and offer valuable insights we have learned from first hand experience.
  • Happy Customers: Our responsive, results-oriented, professional approach to healthcare advertising promotes the type of teamwork that creates long-term satisfaction for us and for our clients.
  • Stellar Results: We’re dedicated to doing the very best work for our clients, which is defined by delivering the best return on investment possible — as agreed upon by our clients.
  • Integrity: Our intelligent and thought-provoking campaigns grab the attention of busy healthcare professionals and demanding patients and prompt them to take action. While this requires creativity, we’ll never produce work that diminishes the integrity of your profession or patients.
  • We do our Homework: we become deeply involved in our clients’ business and challenges. We keep current on industry trends, attend conferences and spend time with our clients to develop an informed understanding of their business and opportunity and turn that into effective strategies that solve those challenges.
  • KOL Relationships: We have extensive experience cultivating strong and meaningful relationships with KOLs to build credibility and drive change on behalf of our clients.