BriteSmile: Streamlined Marketing Boosts Conversions

Our clients have unique needs. Each one is a different size, occupies a unique place in the market, and has individual circumstances to consider when making business and marketing decisions. This is the story of how one such client came to us for assistance and what we did to help improve their chances of success.

BriteSmile used to market its teeth-whitening products through both a consumer and a professional channel, but then sold off the division that sold its products to dental offices. The result: BriteSmile was marketing the same product as the company that acquired the dental channel, and it found itself with a smaller distribution footprint than before. Furthermore, as its product and its competitors’ proliferated, consumers were becoming increasingly price-sensitive.

So BriteSmile turned to Grey Matter Marketing. Our task was to redefine the company’s position in the marketplace to create differentiation, generate business, and reinforce BriteSmile’s status as a leader in its industry niche.

The first thing we did was to learn all we could about the market. By performing this market research, we identified the factors that distinguished the customer bases of each competing company from one another, such as geography, age, and income. We were able to analyze the market demographics and determine the most effective space in which to concentrate the media buy, what messaging the target audience would respond to most strongly, and how the brand should position itself to communicate the best possible image of the company to its desired customers.

We helped adjust the direct-to-consumer marketing strategy to fall inline with the market research findings. This helped maximize the leads generated, optimize the return on advertising spend, and cut back on money spent in ineffective places. We also revised the script used by incoming call-center employees as well as the quality-assurance process to better take advantage of the sales opportunity created by consumer inquiries. Finally, we provided call-center workers with free product, which increased their enthusiasm and made their advocacy more personal and more effective.

In addition to helping adjust media buy based on geography, our market research uncovered a previously untapped source of clients: day spa customers. By targeting them with an online marketing campaign, we generated a 12 percent conversion of this new demographic group. The efforts in the call center helped a great deal, as well: conversions went up by 20 percent in the three months following the implementation of Grey Matter Marketing’s initiative.

BriteSmile found a lot to smile about when it hired Grey Matter Marketing to update its marketing strategy to reflect its new role in the marketplace. We think you will too! Contact us today to find out how we can help boost your revenue, increase your success, and realize your potential.

Holley Malia

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