Social Media for Medical Technology Companies

social media ebookSocial media. You’ve heard of it, right?  You know, all that stuff that kids do. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or is it Tweeter? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, social media isn’t just kids' stuff.  It’s the real deal and a REAL marketing tactic that if you are not employing at this stage of the game, you are, as kids would say, “so last year. “ But hey, if you are reading this, you found us via some sort of social-media channel to get to this blog, so you are not actually under a rock.

At Grey Matter Marketing, we specialize in helping medical technology companies leverage social media to drive business and compete effectively in the new era of healthcare.  As such, in part 1 of our five-part eBook series we outline how medical technology professionals can use social media in a regulated environment. Even more importantly, it gives readers the supporting evidence needed to recommend specific social-media strategies to management and internal legal and regulatory teams.

To download this first chapter of our eBook, click here.

Stay tuned for our next eBook chapter on SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, not a band you used to listen to way back when.

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