Email for Medical Technology Companies

Remember the magic of email? When email first became popular, it revolutionized the way in which we communicate. Messages could be sent to friends, family members and colleagues near and far, in an instant and virtually for free. Yes, there was a time when we actually looked forward to checking our email.

Email quickly became the ultimate marketing tool. It was low cost, instantaneous, and 100 percent measurable—a marketer’s dream! But over the years, the magic has slowly faded. These days, inboxes are overrun with spam, and legitimate emails fight for attention.

Meanwhile, doctors and healthcare providers are being forced to adjust to a rapidly changing environment. Millions of newly insured patients have entered the healthcare system, placing a heavier workload on physicians. Demands for improved outcomes and the onboarding of new technologies leave professionals with even less time for email than before.

To use email successfully in the medical technology industry, follow three important steps:

  1. Segment your list
  2. Choose a strong subject line
  3. Create compelling content

For more details on these steps, and to learn more about marketing with email, download our eBook on “Email for Medical Technology Companies.” Part four of our five-part series shows medical technology professionals how to leverage email marketing to build trust, drive preference and move your prospects along the buying process—so they convert more frequently and at faster rates.

Stay tuned for our next eBook chapter on content marketing.

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