Content Marketing for Medical Technology Companies

A few years ago, content marketing was a buzzword. Today, it is the way to communicate and engage online with your audiences. The shifting healthcare landscape shows providers are less interested in the retail/detail approach to sales. Instead, they are looking to industry partners to provide high-quality content that helps them solve problems, provides them with professional education and training, or offers them best-practice consulting.

Yet despite these trends and statistics, healthcare marketing has not made as much progress in content marketing as other industries have. Why? Unlike some other industries, healthcare, medical device, and medical technology companies are both heavily regulated and over-reliant on traditional media, like printed content.

To catch up to speed, medical device marketers should follow these important steps:

For more detail on these steps, and to learn more about content marketing, download our eBook on “Content Marketing for Medical Technology Companies. This last part of our five-part series shows medical technology professionals how to use content marketing to build trust, drive preference and move your prospects along the buying process – so they convert more frequently and at faster rates. Even more importantly, it gives readers the supporting evidence needed to recommend specific email strategies to management.

In case you missed it, download all five chapters on digital marketing for medical technology companies and more resources here.

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