Getting To Know You Ronda Fallon

Time to lighten it up over here at Grey Matter with a little series we’d like to call, “Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You.” (now back up and read that again, but this time sing it, we know you are familiar with that song!)

First up, our Account Manager, Ronda Fallon.

Ready. Set. GO!

Yes, my dad’s name is Ron so I am Ronda without an “h”.  We even share a middle name, Lee.

NO!  I prefer to type.  Honestly my handwriting is barely legible.

Yes, I have a 4 ½ year-old daughter named Samantha and a 2 ½ year-old son named Thatcher.

I like to sing Karaoke. I am terrible. Horrible!  But get a few drinks in me and I can’t be stopped!

Tuberose and gardenia flowers, suntan lotion and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.


It’s a tossup between sushi and a really good cheeseburger!







Soleil Moon Frye who played Punky Brewster. I wanted to be just like her!

We have a 5 ½ year old Italian Greyhound named Lollipop.

Cheerleading and Associated Student Body (ASB)

Arigato Sushi in Santa Barbara


A dishwasher when I was 14.  Growing up my family ran a golf course and they would have banquet events in the evenings.  I made $4.25 an hour plus tips!

I went to UC Santa Barbara right after graduating from high school in Riverside, California.  Santa Barbara is where I started my marketing career, met my husband, bought our first home and started a family.  I’ve been here for 17 years now and don’t plan on ever leaving what I consider paradise!

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