Getting To Know You Valerie Barro

At Grey Matter Marketing, we only partner with the best, and one of our favorite people to work with is Valerie Barro of V3 Marketing and Consulting. We thought it would be fun to get to know Valerie in 20 questions as you did here with Holley Malia and Ronda Fallon.  

Love it! When I was a kid my teacher told my mother my handwriting was awful. Challenge accepted! Now I write really nicely.

Never! I hate that “falling” feeling.

If they are taller than me. The answer is usually yes.

Right now?  Right now I’m barefoot.

Night jasmine or freshly baked cookies

Soccer, especially World Cup soccer.

Only when I’m not wearing my glasses.

It used to be pizza but now it’s sautéed brussel sprouts (seriously!) or eggs.

Rice Crispy Treats

The Beatles, definitely!


The Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Theater acting all four years. I credit “drama” with my ease in front of large groups.

Anywhere I’ve never been before.

Washing the dishes by hand.

Play guitar

I actually really like my first (and last) name.

The American President (early Sorkin)

Working at my family’s pizza restaurant.

Only if there is such a thing as too much pizza.

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