Grey Matter Marketing Celebrates 15 Years of Success in Life Sciences Category Design

"Grey Matter Marketing provides unique, award-winning Category Design and Market Conditioning services to the life sciences industry."

As the new year begins, Grey Matter Marketing celebrates 15 years of providing unique, award-winning Category Design and Market Conditioning services to the life sciences industry. As the first and only life sciences Category Design firm, Grey Matter Marketing leverages brain science to create value and drive customer behavior change that translates to tangible business success for its clients. Grey Matter Marketing was established when President & CEO Holley Miller, after working at several publicly traded life sciences companies, recognized that traditional business strategy needed to evolve to accelerate product adoption and commercial growth. She observed that most companies chose to compete in existing markets and relied on incremental improvements of features and benefits to gain market share, instead of creating an original market or category that unlocked new value to meaningfully advance the delivery of healthcare.

Miller launched Grey Matter Marketing to offer innovative companies a new framework that fills the “brain science” gap, by preparing the market for a new product or therapy, which is often overlooked, when trying to increase commercial growth and valuation. The two-step process of Category Design and Market Conditioning creates an uncontested market space, conditions the market to drive behavior change for a new solution, and nullifies the competition.

The firm works with clients that span the life sciences space, from medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to companies developing biotech and digital health solutions. The one common link? Grey Matter Marketing holds itself to a standard of partnering with CEOs of innovative companies focused on solving crucial problems and improving the healthcare experience for providers and patients.

“We are obsessed with creating proactive strategies that not only contribute to our clients’ growth and revenue success, but help them disrupt the life sciences landscape and dominate new categories with their solutions,” says Miller. “Grey Matter Marketing has grown quite a bit over 15 years, but that business priority is still the guiding principle for everything we do. I am proud to lead a team of passionate, insightful professionals who move our firm forward with their incredible work and collaboration.”

As the life sciences industry continues to evolve, so does Grey Matter Marketing.

The firm has welcomed several additions to its team in recent months. Emily Rue, Account Executive, helps facilitate a variety of integrated market conditioning campaigns and project initiatives for clients and provides support for operations and account management. As Digital Marketing Manager, Eri Hickey leads the implementation, delivery, and management of impactful digital market conditioning strategies to drive cross-channel engagement for clients and the firm. Morgan O’Donnell, PR & Communications Specialist, works to support and execute media relations, content development, and related communications activities for the firm and its clients.

In addition to expanding its team, Grey Matter Marketing achieved a number of awards and industry recognitions in 2022. Both Miller and the firm have been recognized by Medical Media & Marketing (MM&M), Business Intelligence Group (BIG), TITAN Women in Business, and Ragan/PR Daily, among other leading business and marketing organizations.

“This 15-year anniversary is an exciting milestone, a time to reflect on the different ways Grey Matter Marketing has grown since its beginning while also looking forward to the future,” says Miller. “I am eager to continue supporting our talented team members and nourishing the firm's work culture, further refining and executing our leading-edge Category Design and Market Conditioning capabilities and rewarding partnerships with companies that are truly changing the game in healthcare.”

About Grey Matter Marketing

Grey Matter Marketing (GMM) is an award-winning healthcare Category Design firm focused on business growth strategies for life sciences organizations. GMM is the difference different makes for innovative life science companies, utilizing brain science to guide critical decision-making, resource planning, and technology investments in order to achieve the internal alignment and confidence needed to make better business decisions that yield better business results. GMM was founded in 2007 by Holley Miller, President, who was named MM&M’s 2022 Agency Entrepreneur of the Year. For more information, please visit