Hot Topics In Surgery 2018

As we charge into 2018, the American healthcare landscape is being pulled in different directions. On one hand, the Affordable Care Act is the center of political debate. On the other, medical breakthroughs are steadfast and the shift to value-based healthcare is already alive and well. Beyond all the noise, America's top surgical societies are pushing forward with advocacy efforts, new clinical trials and more educational resources for their members.

Some of the advancements to watch out for this year include international minimally invasive surgery programs, the use of virtual reality (VR) and magnets, near infrared (NIR) fluorescence used in surgical cancer removal, and the beginning of the largest fecal transplant study ever conducted.

Download Hot Topics In Surgery 2018 and learn more about how professional medical associations are going to improve patient care, shake up Washington and advance surgical outcomes in 2018.

Hot Topics In Surgery 2018

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