How Has the Internet Changed Healthcare Marketing?

“New media” has given healthcare companies and providers a whole new world in which to help patients learn about new treatments and find points of care. Hospitals, medical practices, and manufacturers can interact with the public on Twitter and Facebook pages; some practices have even set up virtual clinics where patients can receive medical information from actual clinicians. It’s just in the last three years or so that healthcare providers have migrated to online communities and embraced Internet marketing.

Today, there are many ways healthcare providers and companies can leverage the Internet:

These methods of marketing, which are so important today, didn’t even exist ten years ago.  Back then, a website was usually just an online brochure; now, it’s a whole virtual environment where people spend a lot of their time. To reach them, it pays to have a savvy online marketing strategy. As more and more people depend on the Internet for health information, you have an ever-broader potential audience, and if they are aware of your brand, they will be more likely to look to you for health information.

At Grey Matter Marketing, that’s what we specialize in. Beginning with the visioning stage and right through to the execution and ongoing analysis of the plan, we keep our clients’ practices plugged in. We help you get found by the customers you wish to target. And since we’re 100% focused on healthcare, we understand the regulatory landscape and can help ensure you’re set up for compliance.

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