Part 1: Social Media | Digital Marketing Guide 2019

In today's increasingly digital world, healthcare companies must leverage social media to drive business and compete in this new era of healthcare. Most of us know that social media today is no longer just about community and conversation—it is about commerce. But what do you need to know before jumping into the social media landscape or expanding your current efforts? How do medical technology marketing professionals build effective social media marketing campaigns, and what considerations do they need to take into account when implementing a strategic social media plan?

Part one of our four-part eBook series 2019 Digital Marketing Guide for Medical Technology Companies explores how medical technology professionals can use social media in a regulated environment and better plan and execute their social marketing strategy. It illuminates where healthcare consumers are spending their time online, where and how the current and future healthcare consumer finds health-related information, and how healthcare marketers can build effective social media strategies to reach their target audience.

Read on to learn the winning trends you must act on to make 2019 your most successful year yet with social media marketing.

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