Part 2: SEO | Digital Marketing Guide 2019

1 min read

If you had to guess what's driving over half of all Internet traffic, what would you say? Would you be surprised to know that 51% of traffic comes from organic search? That's why in today's increasingly digital world, medical technology companies must leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to drive business, compete in this new era of healthcare, and tap into the largest traffic source online.

Part two of our four-part eBook series, 2019 Digital Marketing Guide for Medical Technology Companies, explores how medtech marketers can use SEO in a regulated environment and better plan and execute their digital marketing strategy. It illuminates where healthcare consumers and professionals are spending their time online, where and how they find health-related information, and how medtech marketers can build effective SEO strategies to reach their target audiences.

Read on to learn the winning trends you must act on to make 2019 your most successful year yet with SEO.

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