Part 3: Content & Email | Digital Marketing Guide 2019

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Content marketing is without a doubt the best way to attract, connect with, and engage your target audience—whether it is providers, patients or both. And email marketing may, in fact, be the most important aspect of content marketing dissemination for healthcare professionals and specifically, for medtech marketers. That’s because, according to the Annual Healthcare Professional Communication Report: Medicine on the Move - Digital Defines Healthcare Marketing in 2019, email is the number one preferred method of communication for healthcare professionals.

Read part three of our four-part eBook series, 2019 Digital Marketing Guide for Medical Technology Companies, to explore how medtech marketers can deliver valuable information that educates prospects and positions you as a subject-matter expert, making them more likely to do business with you. Included in this guide is everything you’ll need to know to execute a comprehensive content marketing strategy—trends, tips, and a wealth of insights to help you grow your business more effectively and efficiently.

Click here to learn the winning trends you must act on to make 2019 your most successful year yet with content and email marketing.

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