Quantitative Research at Grey Matter Marketing

We consider metrics crucially important in all our work; a mantra of ours is “if we can’t measure it, we probably shouldn’t be doing it.” This informs almost everything we do. We have metrics in mind when designing branding strategies, product development and launches, consumer awareness initiatives, and just about all of our client work.

Quantitative Research: A Primer

Quantitative research produces metrics-friendly data on the opinions of the public. It uses such tools as surveys and questionnaires to get a descriptive snapshot of a user population. The data that are gathered are analyzed using a statistical approach and, ideally, clear conclusions are drawn about the client’s strengths and possible areas for improvement. The questions asked in a quantitative marketing research project are generally closed, so that responses can be sorted and analyzed.

One common question about quantitative research is how deeply it enables marketers to penetrate the emotions of respondents. A survey with multiple-choice questions, for example, does not allow for complex responses or take into account nonverbal communication; when such information is required, qualitative techniques might be included in a good complementary strategy. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will discuss qualitative research.

To gauge the tendencies of a large sample of potential customers, and to see at a glance their general opinions, quantitative research can be very useful. It can provide great assistance in determining the strategic direction of an organization. When researching commonly held opinions on a topic rather than seeking nuanced, detailed feedback about a specific item, quantitative research is the way to go.

How We Use Quantitative Research For Our Clients’ Benefit

We bring our attitude about metrics to every stage of the work we perform for our clients. In the following ways, among others, this allows you to be certain of the value you’re getting from your collaboration with Grey Matter Marketing.

Case in point: Through quantitative research, we identified two target audiences as most likely to benefit from Renessa, a non-surgical treatment for stress urinary incontinence: senior women and women who had recently given birth. This informed the outlets we selected, which in turn increased patient demand and sales of this less-invasive option.

Case in point: When Novasys needed to track the outcome of a pilot direct-to-consumer program, “[Grey Matter] developed a tracking and reporting program that was extremely valuable,” said Vice President of Marketing Lauri Campbell. “It enabled us to adjust our media plan to maximize the efficiency of our spend. We saw a 50% reduction in cost-per-call as a result.”

Case in point: Using this direct-to-consumer model, Grey Matter involved Novasys from start to finish in creating two different creative strategies. In this way, we identified the most effective marketing tactics for the niche target audience. Our collaborative, efficient approach to preparing quantifiable data helped Novasys both to increase landing-page views and actual customer action, strengthening their sales pipeline both in absolute terms and in terms of conversion rate.

According to Ms. Campbell, Grey Matter “was instrumental in designing programs to capture consumer data via exit surveys and business reply cards, which resulted in an increased understanding of our target patient and the effectiveness of our messaging.”

Quantitative research, your brand, and our work

At Grey Matter Marketing, we understand you need to know where to most effectively reach your potential clients. You need to know what issues to address. And you need to know the proper venue and time to effectively deliver your message. A mixture of market research techniques is ideal to provide a good balance between statistical validity and detailed insight, and we have helped many satisfied clients improve their revenues by conducting such research. Quantitative research is a cornerstone of effective branding, and we’re here to make sure your foundation is solid.

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