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I’m excited to share with you our latest case study that showcases our branding and messaging process. When we take clients through this meticulous practice, we are able to provide them with a marketing strategy blueprint to take their business to the next level. Read through the InTouch Health case study and ask yourself if where you are today with regards to your business results is where you want to be? Is your product, service or company one that people feel there is no substitute for? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, it is a good idea to revisit your brand and the message behind it. Grey Matter Marketing has a proven process to help organizations focus its strategy on the best opportunities to increase sales, achieve sustainable competitive advantage and win in the marketplace. Let us help you kick start the New Year!

"When you break down all the fluff, there are two ways to promote and market your business: dumber, slower, and expensive – or smarter, faster, and cheaper."

-David Siteman Garland, host of The Rise to the Top

The Challenge

InTouch Health develops, manufactures, and markets acute care remote presence telemedicine solutions for high acuity applications where doctors are required to take immediate clinical action. While InTouch Health was the “category creator” of this market, the challenge was to differentiate the brand beyond being known the “remote presence robot company.” Unfortunately, market research showed that there was a disconnect between the company’s brand aspiration and current brand image within the market. The company chose to partner with Grey Matter Marketing to rebrand the company to solidify its leadership position.

The telemedicine market had become fragmented, with many corporations, including videoconference providers, competing to establish leading positions. Hospitals and health systems were recognizing they needed to “get into” telemedicine but didn’t really “get it.” They tended to view telemedicine providers as vendors rather than strategic partners, which is really what they needed to help navigate successfully the process of creating and implementing an effective acute care telemedicine program.

The company engaged Grey Matter Marketing to lead them through a rigorous branding and messaging initiative to develop the creative foundation and confidence to execute a marketing strategy that would enable InTouch Health to:

The Solution

The best product is not necessarily the market leader. In today’s hyper-competitive markets, it is the company with the best product positioning, marketing communications and sales execution that typically out-distances its competition.

Grey Matter Marketing led the company through a multi-step exercise to help develop the plan for how InTouch Health can create superior value for a specific set of customers in a competitively distinctive way. Key steps included:

This proven process yields a “charismatic brand,” which is any product, service or company for which people feel there is no substitute.

The Results

Grey Matter Marketing created a new brand platform to help the organization focus its strategy on the best opportunities to increase sales, achieve sustainable competitive advantage and win in the telemedicine market. Key outputs included:

The final deliverable of this exercise resulted in a comprehensive brand development document that presented a detailed roadmap for implementing and managing the InTouch Health brand, including key messaging, to be carried out by the in-house Marketing department.

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