What Matters 2021: Issue #3

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Overheard at GMM HQ

"Podcasting for pleasure? Start podcasting for business.” — Kiara Jackson, on the importance of guest podcasting for life science companies.

Inclusivity is King

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the tribulations of 2020 have highlighted the need for life science companies to take stock of their marketing strategies and business practices. In this month’s What Matters, it’s imperative that you focus on integrating equity and inclusion strategies into your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy from here on out. Inclusive marketing isn’t the future of marketing, it’s the marketing of today.

Make It Matter

In a market research study by CMO by Adobe, results showed that 61% of Americans think diversity in advertising is important. And that number will only increase. The current reality for many companies is that establishing more inclusivity means systemic change and sustainable strategies.

Your audience knows the difference between what you stand for versus what content you’re putting out to appease them. Don’t expect that increasing the number of inclusive images on your website, social media, or marketing channels will make the cut. Dig deep and prove to your audience that inequity is unacceptable.

Life Sciences Are Switching to Social

According to MM&M, 2020 may have been the 'catalyst' for biopharma brands increasing their investment in digital media. In general, life science companies made a massive shift to digital channels this past year and pivoted their marketing tactics to reach their audience online. With the rise of social media usage, companies from a variety of industries, including medtech and healthcare to name a few, made the move to social media marketing.

Make It Matter

You might be thinking that companies who saw the most success with their digital marketing strategy were the ones with COVID-19-related news and ties to the vaccine rollout. Not exactly! In the Socialbakers’ 2020 report on healthcare and social media, results showed even non-vaccine-related brands saw explosive growth specifically pertaining to metrics such as reach and engagement.

The main driver for growth and increased brand awareness was high-quality content. Increased funding and investment were clearly put toward thoughtful social media content and content marketing strategies. Companies strayed from dry automated posts to action-driven and timely ones. Word to the wise, social media marketing for life science companies took off in 2020 and is here to stay which means you should buckle down on a social media marketing strategy if you haven’t already.

Got a Minute?

Actually, do you have 45 seconds to spare? What you think matters to us. That's why we created this quick survey to learn more about your company's social media marketing practices and preferences. To gather these insights, we crafted a few simple questions. We would really appreciate your feedback on this anonymous survey.

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