What Matters 2022: Issue #2

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Overheard at GMM HQ

"An important part of understanding how to position your company is honing what your brand is and what it stands for."— Holley Miller on the latest blog, Why a Brand Manifesto Is a Life Sciences Must—and How to Craft a Kick-Ass One.

The QR Code Revival

Who would have thought it? QR codes are making a comeback like its Y2K fashion counterparts but less cringe-worthy. In the early 2000s, QR (short for “quick response”) codes were solving a problem that didn’t exist—yet. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Everything from checking in at the doctor’s office to ordering off of a restaurant menu needed to be socially distanced or fully contactless. The solution (finally)—QR codes. Now with easy smartphone accessibility to scan QR codes, there is a trend in life sciences companies using them in innovative ways that can shift how you educate and market to your target audience.

You may recall perhaps one of the biggest commercials during the Super Bowl from Coinbase, a cryptocurrency firm, featured a QR code. This seemingly simple ad drove more than 20 million users to the site in a minute, ranking it among the most discussed Super Bowl ads on social media. It appears that QR codes may be here to stay—for good.

Make It Matter

Here are some ways companies are effectively using QR codes in healthcare:

Why is it valuable to consider incorporating QR codes?

Graphic Design Trends Are Shaping Marketing

Do you ever catch yourself mindlessly scrolling your social media feeds? You’re not alone. We’re all looking for that post that halts our doom-scrolling and grabs our attention for at least five seconds. The hook, line, and sinker in harnessing folks’ attention is all in the visuals, from vibrant font styles to animated graphic designs. Caution: however you adjust your company’s visuals, remember that consistent branding is of utmost importance. As you explore the latest graphic design trends of 2022, consider the top trends below for life sciences companies.

Make It Matter

Here are three social media graphic trends we think will help bring a fresh look to or enhance your existing visuals on your social media feeds:

  1. Vibrant fonts. Experimental fonts are all the rage, from nostalgic to futuristic. You can attract your target audience with your message, but with a unique medium and style, you can make an even longer-lasting impression. Test this trend by using big letters or atypical fonts to invoke emotion and action.
  2. Color overload. The more color, the better. Now, designers are using 3-5 colors to create eye-catching visuals. Create color gradients and bold color combinations to catch your audience’s attention. Color is one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience and should be a top priority in marketing and brand design.
  3. Kinetic typography. Take your typography to the next level with motion animated text. Moving text will make your designs more dynamic. By using kinetic typography, your visuals will catch your audience’s eye compared to flat, static typography.

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