What Matters January: MedTech News You Need To Know

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Overheard at GMM HQ

"You might as well try to communicate via carrier pigeon." - Holley Miller, on content marketing strategy that isn’t incorporating video.

What the Industry Is Buzzing About

A Whole New Kind of Strawberry Lifesaver

A new HIV drug, Quadrimune, comes in strawberry-flavored granules the size of grains of sugar that can be mixed with milk or sprinkled on baby cereal, which could save the lives of thousands of children each year. Cue Mary Poppins: A spoonful of sugar.

Why It Matters

About 80,000 babies and toddlers die of AIDS each year, and traditional medications are literally bitter pills to swallow. Quadrimune ringing up for $1 a day and the possibility of official FDA approval in May 2020 is sweet news indeed.

Who You Gonna Call...

When you’re having a mental health emergency? Well, definitely not Ghostbusters, but 911 isn’t necessarily it either. Enter 988, a new emergency number that would link callers to an already existing network of crisis centers around the country set up by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Why It Matters

More than 1.4 million adults attempted suicide in America in 2017, but reports indicate that people who utilized a crisis hotline were significantly more likely to feel less depressed, less suicidal, and more hopeful. Turns out help really is just a phone call away.

A Hairdo to Die for?

New research found that women who used permanent hair dye or chemical straighteners were at higher risk of developing breast cancer and that the association was notably higher among black women. Natural curls and grey streaks suddenly sound very chic.

Why It Matters

All women in the study were already at an increased risk of cancer due to family history, and the exact hair product ingredients linked to cancer are not yet pinpointed, so this is an early warning. For now? Increased surveillance and maybe more pics of Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend in our newsfeeds.


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