What Matters July: MedTech News You Need To Know

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Overheard at GMM HQ

"It's not just a webinar. It's a performance." – Kiara Jackson on the five steps for success to keep your audience engaged in a webinar.


What the Industry is Buzzing About

A Video Game That Doesn’t, in Fact, Rot Your Brain

The latest ADHD treatment option is kid-tested, parent (and FDA) approved: A quest-style video game in which a child controls a character who must avoid fire, flying objects, and all manner of distractions. You know, kind of like parenting during a quarantine.

Why It Matters

Endeavor Rx, the “digital therapeutic” created by Boston-based Akili Interactive, is the first prescription therapy to come in the form of a video game, offering a novel, non-medication treatment option for the four million children diagnosed with ADHD. Also, a guilt-free option for parents to say “yes” to screen time. We’re here for it.

Two Words: Hug Tunnel.

We’ve all read that hugs are good for mental and emotional health, but this pandemic is really harshing the hug vibes. A care home for elderly people in Brazil has found a workaround: You guessed it, a hug tunnel. The contraption is simply a large plastic sheet with strategically placed plastic sleeves so that residents can receive contactless hugs from loved ones while still complying with COVID-19 safety precautions.

Why It Matters

Because at the end of the day we’re still human beings, not just petri dishes. The staff began planning the hug tunnel shortly after Mother’s Day upon noticing that many of their residents seemed sad. "It is so gratifying to see them hugging each other and so important,” said the facility administrator.

Gonna Have to Find Another Excuse to Hide Your RBF

If you’ve been enjoying hiding your resting B*%ch face under a face mask, you might need to consider new options thanks to a newly FDA-registered N99+ mask that is completely transparent to allow a nearly unobstructed view of your full spectrum of facial expressions. And to think we had all just perfected the “smize”.

Why It Matters

The new LEAF mask boasts an array of features including a built-in UV-C light for self-purification, an anti-fogging feature, and filters strategically placed at the chin so as not to block your beautiful smile (or scowl, as the case may be). Either way, with face masks claiming a semi-permanent spot on the 2020 list of wardrobe must-haves, we’ve finally got an option that goes with everything.


Wash your hands but also your face, because the latest collateral damage of COVID-19 is “Maskne” acne caused by face masks. Oh yes, it’s a real thing. At least we still have takeout cocktails?

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