What Matters September: MedTech News You Need To Know

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“Employees are the bread and butter to supplement any company’s social media strategy.” - Kiara Jackson, on how companies can amplify their social media results with their own employees.

What the Industry is Buzzing About

In a Bad Mood? Order a Better One on Amazon

Well, almost. The e-commerce titan recently launched a 24/7 wearable device that utilizes two microphones, a camera, and AI-powered sensors to detect all the basics that you’d expect from a fitness wearable device. Bonus: it also tracks signs of energy and positivity, and even tiredness and stress.

Why It Matters

“Despite the rise in digital health services and devices over the last decade, we have not seen a corresponding improvement in population health in the US,” notes principal medical officer for Amazon’s Halo Project, Maulik Majmudar. Amazon aims to remedy this by directly linking data collected to Cerner EHR so it can be shared with doctors and enable effective remote consultations with patients. The company is also partnering with fitness and wellness companies to provide challenges and workouts to Halo users. Don’t worry, you can buy all your workout gear on—you guessed it—Amazon.

More Than a Case of the Mondays

According to a new study, people who’ve recently experienced severe financial strain may have a 20-fold higher risk of attempting suicide than those who haven’t encountered hardship. Although the ultimate health impact of COVID-19 is still unknown, it seems certain that the longer infections spread, there will likely be more people experiencing significant financial strain as a result of work disruptions. As such, the researchers warn that suicide attempts may become an even greater worry in the near future.

Why It Matters

Financial stressors play a major role in suicides, and this needs to be recognized and appreciated in light of the unprecedented financial instability triggered by the pandemic. September is Suicide Prevention Month. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 (or 800-799-4889 for people who are hard of hearing). It’s free, confidential, available 24/7. #BeThe1To

“The Future’s Going to Be Weird”

Sometimes the headlines write themselves, folks. That quote is directly from Elon Musk upon observing a pig named Gertrude, the recent recipient of a brain chip implant. The tech mogul is designing a brain chip implant to allow paralyzed people to operate technology, such as smartphones or robotic limbs, with their thoughts. Yes, you read that correctly. All of it.

Why It Matters

Well, it’s got Elon Musk and brain chip implants, so this story is pretty on-brand for 2020. That aside, Musk says he’s working closely with the FDA. He’s promising the coin-sized implant and real-time brain activity monitoring system, which received a breakthrough device designation in July, would “significantly exceed the FDA guidelines for safety.” Next stop: FIM.


2020 is starting to feel like one long hangover. Thank goodness this company has found a potential lifeline. This supplement may be the saving grace after your next virtual Happy Hour (because you know there’s gonna be one).

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