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COVID-19 Marketing Resources

Tools for Life Sciences Companies

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COVID-19 Marketing Resources: Tools for Life Sciences Companies

Has COVID-19 upended your business? Let us help you refocus and get back on track with the following resources:

Rethinking Sales Drivers in the Coronavirus Era and Beyond

Now that in-person sales rep visits and tradeshow exhibits have been essentially eliminated, what can you do? Explore a priority pathway to effectively intersect, educate and drive action among your target audience.

Triaging Your Customers: The Juggling Act of COVID-19 Aftermath

Our “triage framework” will synchronize sales and marketing allowing them to engage the right customers in the right way when they need you most.

Empathizing With Physicians to Execute Mindful Marketing During COVID-19

Hear from a physician panel on how their days have changed and the implications for how receptive they might be to industry messages.

Sponsoring Virtual Events: Is It a Wise Idea?

An in-depth look, outlined the pros and cons, and created a list of the right questions to ask to ensure that investing in a virtual event is worth it.

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