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YouTube spotlights a new tool called Bumper Machine that takes the pain out of six-second video advertising by auto generating short-form content.

The new editing tool dubbed Bumper Machine will help advertisers optimize their ad content for mobile audiences.

YouTube has debuted a new editing tool dubbed Bumper Machine which it says will help advertisers optimize their ad content for mobile audiences. Using machine learning to “identify interesting, well-structured moments in a longer video,” Bumper Machine automatically generates several six-second ad variations in a matter of minutes by pulling key brand and/or product info and then packaging it into short form content. If you’re not 100% satisfied with one or more of the ad variations, you can adjust them with simple edits before saving your new Bumper ads.


As you can imagine, Bumper Machine will greatly streamline the production process geared towards these six-second Bumper ads that are now ubiquitous for mobile viewers. Mobile video ads are a pillar of the digital media market—worth $107.5 billion in the U.S. last year—and healthcare marketers know that video production is expensive, but Bumper Machine will allow video production teams to greatly cut costs associated with the shorter ads

“Producing a six-second video requires additional time and resources that not every team has,” says Vishal Sharma, VP of product management at YouTube. “Bumper Machine organizes several six-second packages that advertisers can pick from in minutes,” he continued.


A GOP senator said that he plans to
introduce legislation that would give consumers the power to say “no” to Google and Facebook

A move like this would effectively prevent these companies and others like them from harvesting consumer data.

In his latest in a series of attacks on the tech sector, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., has announced a new bill that will support the "Do Not Track," (DNT) Internet featureHawley's bill, titled The Do Not Track Act would make it illegal for tech companies and their web properties to disregard users’ privacy preferences and prohibit web companies from collecting more data than they need to operate their services.

Historically, DNT has allowed users to request that companies and websites be blocked from collecting their personal data as they move across the Internet but—in spite of the Federal Trade Commission endorsing DNT in 2010—complying with those requests is voluntary. Facebook, Google, and Twitter, among other prominent sitesdon't honor the existing DNT system.


With growing concerns about security, privacy and widespread data collection, if this bill passes, the new legislation will provide Internet users with more control over their personal information online. 

Unfortunately for medtech marketers, the impact could also seep into platforms that leverage consumer data, possibly making them less effective at targeted marketing campaigns. For example, 
says DuckDuckGo, “one of the advantages of advertising on a platform like Google or Facebook is the ability to target audiences. If a user enables DNT, the ads displayed to them when browsing those websites won’t be informed by their external browsing history.” Essentially, if this Act passes, it will result in less data available to inform digital marketing and advertising campaigns, which means unoptimized campaigns and reduced media efficiency

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