In The Know, Issue #3

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How and where healthcare professionals read emails is changing.

Did you know that healthcare providers prefer email more than seven times more than their second most preferred communication channel?

Email is an essential tool for healthcare professionals and remains their preferred means to receive information, according to the new Healthcare Professional Communication Report 2019 from MM&M. In fact, according to the same report healthcare professionals (HCPs) would prefer to receive an email more than seven times more than their second most preferred communication channel, direct mail, and this trend is only expected to continue over time as mobile becomes more dominant. However, survey results indicated that the way HCPs read emails is changing. Gone are the days of reading content on desktops, laptops or tablets—now it’s all about mobile. 

What HCPs are looking for in terms of content is product and service education, which can be particularly relevant to medical device and pharma marketers. And HCPs are no different from the rest of us in that they’ve come to expect “answers at the touch of a finger,” that are optimized for the device they’re using as well as control over when and where marketers are making contact. Healthcare marketers who can serve up content that’s easy to find and easy to digest (similar to what consumers have come to expect in terms of usability outside of healthcare—think Facebook, Google, CNN, and ESPN) will have a leg up on competitors.


As always, healthcare organizations who create valuable quality content utilizing strategic performance marketing tactics, and an integrated approach across multiple digital channels will win in the new digital marketing space. Tactically, digital channels should feature content specifically tailored to your target audiences’ tastes and educational needs as it is more likely to drive and/or improve engagement.

In short, while email is the preferred digital marketing channel for HCPs to receive content, savvy healthcare marketers will augment any email marketing efforts with content marketing—including whitepapers, guides and blogs—social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Grey Matter Marketing is a full-service, award-winning marketing performance agency working exclusively with medtech companies and we’d love to help you create the content strategy for your email marketing programs and optimize it for mobile devices. Our overarching goal is to help achieve and sustain an unfair competitive advantage for our clients through our signature core competency: Category Design. We focus on solving your toughest business challenges by uncovering and leveraging your greatest strengths to create—not just capturevalue in the new outcomes-based healthcare environment. Our execution strategies for clients are always metric-driven to build demand, increase revenue, and win as a Category King. 

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